The woman Donald Trump called a 'third rate reporter' is a Pulitzer Prize winner

Joe Raedle/Getty Images/ Twitter

Donald Trump's dislike of the New York Times is one of his longest-standing feuds in his ascension to presidency.

On Friday, they really rattled his cage when the published a story with the title: 'Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump. Maybe not anymore.'

The story, which covers the uncertain relationship between Trump and his personal attorney Cohen, clearly struck a nerve with the president, who fired out a series of tweets just a few hours ago in which he targetted Maggie Haberman, one of the main journalists who worked on the feature.

As you can see, all the typical Trump buzzwords are in there - such as "dishonest media" and "witch hunt" and "crooked H flunkie". However, he might regret calling Haberman a "third-rate reporter".

Earlier this month, Haberman - along with her fellow reporters at the New York Times - was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, the highest honour that can be bestowed on any journalist for their work.

It's safe to say that to win such an award, you have to be a little bit better than a 'third-rate reporter", and the New Times Communications Twitter account was more than happy to let the president know.

Not only in this pretty embarrassing for Trump, it's made even worse that Trump actually spelt Haberman's name wrong initially, then had the entire three-tweet thread deleted and reposted with the correct spelling, which is a bit much really.

Furthermore, Trump appears to have met Haberman on several occasions since he has been in the White House - and there is photographic evidence to prove it.

Haberman, herself, also had a few thoughts about Trump's tweets.

It also shouldn't be overlooked that Trump sent this tweets as mourners were gathering to pay their respects to former First Lady, Barbara Bush.

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