Jameela Jamil has a brilliant response to misogynistic men who ask her for nude photos
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Jameela Jamil is slaying the internet, and life in general.

The actress has been an outspoken critic of unrealistic beauty standards, perpetuated by magazines airbrushing their models.

She's also been been campaigning hard against dieting culture, and recently called out Kourtney Kardashian for promoting a diet drink. Jamil had described it as ‘promoting eating disorders'.

The radio host recently shared a technique she uses to deal with men who ask her to send them naked pictures.

(By the way, unless explicitly stated as something a woman will do, it’s disrespectful and misogynistic to demand them from women, especially those you don’t know!)

Taking to Twitter, she shared an interaction she had with a man on Instagram.

He direct messaged her with a screengrab of one of her photos, followed by the word, "sexy".

The man, whose display picture features a child, sent another picture of herself and demanded : "Send nudes."

What did Jamil do? Well, she obliged. Kind of.

She said:

Don’t ask me for nudes.

Yep. She sent him some nudes... just not of her.

Someone accused her of body-shaming the men whose pictures she sent, but she clapped back pretty quickly

Men, don't do this.

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