Marvel actor says next Captain America could be black or female

Marvel actor says next Captain America could be black or female

We haven't even seen the trailer or know anything about Avengers 4, but it's safe to assume one thing: Chris Evans will no longer be Captain America.

A few weeks ago, the 37-year-old posted an emotional tweet hinting that his time as the super soldier had come to an end, following the conclusion of filming on the next Avengers movies.

Although it will be a sad day when Evans finally hangs up that iconic shield on screen, it appears that it won't be the last we've seen of Captain America as a hero.

Frank Grillo, who played Crossbones in both The Winter Soldier and Civil War,has referenced rumours that Cap could be played by someone else in future - and it won't just be another actor taking on the mantle of Steve Rogers.

Speaking to Larry King, Grillo, who was promoting his new series Fightworld, said that a black or female actor could very well be the next Captain America:

I don't know, but there have been rumours that [the next] Captain America could be African American.

It could be a woman. You know? So they're looking.

So, who could this be? Would it be someone from the current Marvel cast?

In the comics, Sam Wilson/The Falcon once took on the role as Captain America. There is also a character known as Miss America, who is an LGBT+ Latin-American woman with super-powers.

And there's also a new Captain on the scene in the form of Captain Marvel, so there's plenty to choose from.

That being said, it remains to be seen what will happen in regards to Cap and the rest of the Avengers following their final clash with Thanos.

Grillo was also asked if he was surprised that Evans was walking away from the role, to which he gave this very honest response:

No, no. That ran its course and those guys are getting a bit old.

I love him. He's a great guy. He's a Boston kid. He's a lovely, lovely man.

Getting a bit old? At 37? Sorry, we're not buying that at all.

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