Radio stations are getting hacked to play ‘f--k Donald Trump’


A number of radio stations in various parts of America defended themselves after an alleged hack that made them play an anti-Trump song.

On Monday community radio station Sunny 107.9 issued an apology after YG’s FDT (F—k Donald Trump) started playing on its airwaves.

They claimed that their internet had been 'hacked', denied it was their broadcast and insisted they:

do not take political views.

Picture:Picture: Sunny/screengrab

It wasn’t just Sunny.

One station in San Angelo Texas, played the song.

These radio stations also played FDT:

  • El Jefe 96.7
  • Mother of the Redeemer
  • Crescent Hill
  • Radio Insight

Here’s the song.

There are, as the title indicates, many expletives. You have been warned.

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