Is Taylor Swift going to announce 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' tonight?

Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift going to announce 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' tonight?

Taylor Swift screengrab

As Taylor Swift gets ready to play her 100th The Eras Tourshow tonight at Anfield, Liverpool, many of her fans think this could be the night where Swift finally announces Reputation (Taylor's Version).

Swift only has two albums left to re-record, Reputation, and her debut self-titled album Taylor Swift.

Fans have long been waiting for Reputation (Taylor's Version) to be released, and there have been some false starts in recent months, with people speculating when the re-recording will finally be announced. But let's look at some of the evidence for it being announced tonight.

It's the 100th show and it's on the 13th

Tonight is both the 100th show of The Eras Tour and falls on the 13th, Swift's lucky number. Certainly not a coincidence and the milestone is likely to be celebrated at the show tonight, so what better way to celebrate than to announce the next re-release?

The date is also significant because it's the 'anniversary' of the 2009 VMAs, (the VMAs were hosted on the 13th September 2009, so the 9 year and 9 month anniversary). The 2009 VMAs is significant because it's when Kanye West went up on stage as Taylor Swift won the award for 'Best Female Video' saying Beyoncé should have won. Reputation is a lot about her relationship with West, and the Kardashians' attempts to paint Swift as a 'snake' and villain.

'I Can See You' music video

In a music video for Swift's song 'I Can See You' from Speak Now (Taylor's Version), the end of the video sees Swift leaving in a 'getaway car'. 'Getaway Car' is also the name of a track from Reputation. What's more is that the music video was filmed in Liverpool. And if you've been a fan of Swift for a while you'll know that nothing is a coincidence.

Swift also recently sang the song in Edinburgh as part of the 'surprise acoustic set' she does every show.

Swift was seen with the photographer who shot the Reputation album cover

Yesterday, Swift was seen with photographer Mert Alas leaving a dinner in London. Alas shot the original album cover and coinciding photoshoot for Reputation, so it seems the two have reconnected, perhaps to reshoot new album artwork?

Swift's Instagram is ready

Perhaps one of the smaller 'clues', but Swift's Instagram grid is 'aligned'. Meaning that previous album announcements that have used 9 posts (forming a square on Swift's Instagram profile) are all aligned to look like a complete picture. So if Swift were to do the same for Reputation (Taylor's Version) and upload the album cover so it fills 9 squares, tonight is the perfect opportunity.

Swift has also only ever announced 'Taylor Version' records when the grid has been aligned.

Take a look below to understand.

Taylor Nation has been teasing the album

Since Swift kicked off the European leg of The Eras Tour, her management have been leaving easter eggs in reference to the Reputation album, making fans believe the release is imminent.

A couple of posts have referenced the album and songs from that era.

But not everyone's convinced

It seems fans are split on whether or not the re-record will be announced tonight. Many think there are not enough definitive clues, and instead, Swift will celebrate the 100th show by releasing a music video for one of the songs from her latest album The Tortured Poets Department.

Especially as Swift was seen wearing the same necklace she wore the night she announced TTPD.

So I guess all we can do is stay tuned tonight to see who is right!

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