The Simpsons mocked Morrissey and heaven knows he’s miserable now

The Simpsons mocked Morrissey and heaven knows he’s miserable now
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The Simpsons has mocked Morrissey in the most recent episode of the long-running animated series and Heaven Knows He’s Miserable Now.

In an episode called Panic on the Streets of Springfield, the fictional town’s very own Meat is Murder activist Lisa, gets an imaginary friend called Quilloughby, who is a British vegan indie singer from the 1980s, voiced by Handsome Devil Benedict Cumberbatch.

Although Lisa enjoys Quilloughby and his band The Snuffs’ music, she is left feeling Still Ill after learning what the singer would become in later life. Lisa learns that this once Charming Man is now bitter and jaded that The World Won’t Listen to his rants anymore.

The older Quilloughby is now an overweight racist who eats meat after discovering that “veganism was invented by foreigners, for whom there are far too many on this planet.”

Even the imaginary Quilloughby was shocked to discover that he was much more likely to be The First of the Gang to Die and not The Last of the Famous International Playboys.

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Frankly, Mr Shankly this is not the first and will hardly be the last time someone pokes fun at Morrissey for his recent controversies but Big Mouth Strikes Again and he’s not happy about the depiction of himself in The Simpsons.

In a statement shared at the Cemetry Gates’...sorry, Facebook, which has since been attributed to Morrissey’s manager, Peter Katsis,The Simpsons was accused of ‘expounding on vicious rumours’ and ‘racism’ and argued That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore.

Now Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before but we have to Ask that surely if Morrissey continues to flaunt with controversies, such as cosying up to the British far-right, then he leaves himself open to ridicule as There Is a Light That Never Goes Out when it comes to satire and comedy.

When it comes to Morrissey it would seem like Every day is like Sunday as he’s clearly Started Something He Couldn’t Finish.

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