What Spider-Man: Far From Home’s 2 post-credit scenes mean

What Spider-Man: Far From Home’s 2 post-credit scenes mean

Spider-Man: Far From Home is an entertaining, fairly light Marvel follow-up after the emotional, soul-destroying Avengers: Endgame.

*Spoilers abound beyond this point. You have been warned* .

Tom Holland’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man expanded his reach and travelled to Europe as part of a school trip. But he couldn’t escape the Avengers, and it wasn’t long before he became tangled up in helping Nick Fury battle some giant elementals that have no business being in his universe.

As is standard with Marvel movies, there were post credit scenes – two in fact – that drops several hints about the next film in the Spider-verse.

First post-credit scene

In the first post-credit scene, Peter Parker and MJ are dating. It’s adorable, because she knows that he’s Spider-Man, and the pair are shown swinging into New York West 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

At this Point the pair notice a breaking news story on a screen above a train station. In it Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall) who was killed in the final battle, talks in a pre-recorded message, blaming Spider-Man for a drone stroke on Tower Bridge, and, in a shock twist, reveals that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

It is likely that in the next Spider-Man movie Peter Parker will be a wanted fugitive(!!!)

Peter and MJ finally become a thing (Picture: Marvel) 

What could it mean?

Following Spidey’s identity reveal, the Daily Bugle runs a less-than-favourable front page story of Spider-Man, with J Jonah Jameson (J K Simmons) reading the paper. This could be a hint at the plot of the next Spider-Man movie. Will the whole thing be swept under the rug as fake news? Or will Peter spend the next film trying to prove his innocence?

Second post-credit scen

Fans of Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) noted that there was something off about his character in Far From Home.

Turns out, that for most of the movie that wasn’t actually Nick Fury – it was the Skrull Talos.

How long was the Skrull pretending to be Nick Fury? (Picture: Marvel)

In this second post-credit scene, Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill drive down a street and talk about how Quentin/Mysterio tricked them all.

And then Fury transforms into the Skrull who used to be the Big Bad in Captain Marvel before he turned out to be the goodie.

Soren had been impersonating Agent Hill, and they go on to say Fury will need to be updated on everything that went down.

The screen changes to Fury chilling on a tropical island with a coconut drink, which turns out to be a hologram; he’s actually chilling on a Skrull ship travelling in space.

What could it mean?

If Talos was pretending to be Nick Fury, it stands to reason that he, not the real Fury, attended Iron Man's funeral. Some fans of the comic have suggested that Nick's decision to go with the Skrull could see him helping Captain Marvel, or even embarking on his own peace-keeping mission.

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