This video of adult jokes hidden in kids' films will ruin your childhood

Picture: Movie Munchies/YouTube
Picture: Movie Munchies/YouTube

We've all been scarred by the word 'SEX' hidden in a still of The Lion King - It's about as ubiquitous on the internet as Pumba fuel doesn't melt steel beams - but the trend for throwing in adult references to kid's films has continued into the twenty-first century.

The key to making a great children's film is throwing in something for all ages. In the case of classics such as Toy Story, Babe, or Matilda, the humour contained in these films is directed at all audiences. Other films like Shrek or Mrs Doubtfire provide a mix of jokes for children and also ones just for adults.

Some animators go one step further, hiding jokes and adult references in films that even most adults might miss.

Prepare to have more of your childhood and arrested development 20-something-hood favourite films ruined by these seven adult moments:

1. The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Picture: ScreenRant/YouTube

This Disney animation about a selfish emperor transformed into a talking llama was already one of the more adult children's films, given the sardonic voice talent of David Spade in the starring role of Emperor Kuzco. In this scene from the film, pitching a tent as Kronk does, is one for the adults, while children will laugh at the relative size of Kronk's...accommodation.

2. Toy Story 3 (2010)

For a film franchise whose leads are named 'Buzz' and 'Woody', the sly winks to grown up audiences are frequent and part of the series' charm, given the characters on screen often deliver the euphemisms with naive innocence. One glaring example of this is a line from Toy Story 3. When Mrs Potato head's mouth is snatched away from her (already quite messed up), Mr Potato head shouts:

Nobody takes my wife's mouth but me!

The scene doesn't linger on the double entendre but it can produce a gasp or guffaw depending on your prudeishness.

3. Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

This quick gag lands because (thankfully) Robin Williams was once again the voice of Genie in Disney's Aladdin franchise. This film, which deals with Aladdin's daddy issues among other adult themes, contained a one liner by Genie in the middle of Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding (under attack by the Forty Thieves).

As an elephant charges the palace, shaking the ground, Genie says:

I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon.


4. Inside Out (2015)

Inside Out included some polari humour to make it even more forward thinking than one might realise at first viewing. The action of Inside Out takes place in teenager Riley's head, her emotions manifested as characters who see through her eyes from the control room in her head (stay with it, honest). In one scene, commenting on their new home of San Fransisco, the emotions of Disgust and Anger have this exchange about bears:

Disgust: There are no bears in San Francisco.

Anger: I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.

For those still wondering what's funny about bears, a 'Bear' is slang in the gay community for a type of man, the large, hairy and bear-like type. The joke even made it into the trailer, showcasing the film's progressive credentials.

5. Frozen (2013)

A size matters joke never went amiss. This one will have clomped over the heads of kids and was added for the relief of parents listening to Let it Go on repeat. When investigating Anna's love life, Kristoff asks about her man's foot size.

6. Cars 2 (2011)

This subtle gag is one slipped in by sly animators for the internet savvy. In Cars 2 the "Lemons" (junk cars and the villains of the movie) the cars are all shown wearing hats with lemons on. One says to another 'Great Party'. Party hats with lemons. A party hosted by the 'Lemons'. Lemons. At a party. Lemon party. Just Google incognito it. It's definitely the rudest reference on this list.

7. The Cat in the Hat (2003)

This film probably scarred any Dr Suess fans even before it went for a low brow gag. Mike Myers managed to make the Cat in the Hat even creepier than the book version by giving him a sexual side. The filmmakers created a scene where, upon seeing a photo of the children's MOTHER, the titular Cat's Hat stiffens. They even added a 'boing' noise.


Check out the full Screen Rant video below:

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