Rock band Papa Roach hilariously trolled Donald Trump and the internet loves it

You might remember Papa Roach from such moments as being an awkward teenager and lying on your bed wishing you could be just about anyone else in the world.

Although they formed in 1993, the California rock band released their debut album in 2000. The lead single, Last Resort, originally appeared in the wrestling “comedy” Ready to Rumble starring David Arquette. An enormous hit across the globe, Last Resort is still the song the band are best known for and probably always will be.

Nu metal might not make a comeback any time soon but that doesn't mean that Papa Roach aren't still engaged with the masses and giving us all exactly what we want - a little Rock 'N' Roll political trolling.

Donald Trump took to Twitter for a spot of all capitals tweeting over the weekend.

Something about the capitalisation combined with the content cannot fail to evoke the majesty of Last Resort. Sarah W (@idlewildgirl, so clearly an eclectic taste in music) was first in there.

Except maybe she wasn’t, since this was tweeted in August 2018.

As with music, artists influence each other all the time and the band finally got in on the action with their own tweet.

The internet was suitably impressed.

In a perfect twist, the latest Papa Roach album, in the era of fake news, is entitled Who Do You Trust?

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