A sincere line from Marvel’s WandaVision has become the internet’s new favourite meme

A sincere line from Marvel’s WandaVision has become the internet’s new favourite meme

WandaVision, the new television series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows of the year so far and one particular line from a recent episode has become an instant meme.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for WandaVision.

In episode eight, as Wanda is forced to revisit her past by villain Agatha Harkness, she witnesses a moment between her and Vision where she is mourning the loss of her brother Pietro.

In that rather poignant scene Vision ponders to his partner, in earnest: “What is grief, if not love persevering?” This profound line is in all fairness a good piece of screenwriting and will probably endure as one of the most memorable lines from the show.

However, in typical Twitter fashion, the line has become an instant meme with people changing the words in order to mock the sincere piece of writing and those it touched.

Others thought that it sounded a bit like those inspirational quotes that your aunt shares on Facebook.

The memes got even more intense when one WandaVision fan, writer and actor Madison Hatfield, inadvertently sparked an ironic meme when she wrote in reaction to the line “Do you hear that sound? It’s every screenwriter in the world whispering a reverent ‘f***’ under their breath.”

Her viral and heartfelt tweet did provoke some mean reaction encouraging her to watch more films and television, but many just used it as an excuse to juxtapose her words with moments from pop culture which perhaps aren’t quite as profound.

Others have rallied against the meme and told people to stop mocking those who are enjoying WandaVision and the sentiment behind the line.

Regardless, this is unlikely to be the last meme we see of this nature. A few years ago when the Joker movie was released, social media users started a similar viral meme after one fan read too much into a certain scene.

Never change, Twitter.

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