UFC fighter claims he can prove that the earth is flat and that gravity 'isn't real'

UFC fighter claims he can prove that the earth is flat and that gravity 'isn't real'
UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell challenges Joe Rogan to debate him about flat …
Bryce Mitchell/Instagram

Flat earthers love to try and prove that what they believe is right despite there being no evidence to support it whatsoever and that goes for famous flat earthers too.

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell has lashed out at Joe Rogan after he claimed that the podcast host and UFC commentator had been dragging him and his mother's name for apparently believing in the flat earth conspiracy theory.

In a passionate rant posted on Instagram Mitchell said: "I'm here to call out Joe Rogan for talking crap about me and crap about my mama.

"He's been doing it for too long - me and my mama will tell you right now the earth is flat! It ain't moving around at no 600-something miles-per-hour, spinning at no thousand-miles-an-hour and floating through the universe constantly, ok.

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"This earth is flat, it's fixed and the stars and stuff rotate around us. The sun rotates around us, and I can prove that, I would love to debate you Joe Rogan because I'm tired of you Joe Rogan making fun of flat earthers! If you're so confident, come on and debate me, buddy. I'm tired of this crap you're posting.

Mitchell goes on to bring religion into his theory while also taking shots at astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Bizarrely Mitchell also appears to believe that gravity isn't real and conducts a small experiment to show that a piece of paper falls to the ground not because of gravity but because it has a greater density than the air around it.

The 28-year-old added that he would stop his rants if he lost in a debate to Rogan: "Beat me n a debate and ill shut up, and never bother u again. but if i win the debate i simply want u to admit it. thats my offer. take it or leave it. But if u dont take it then shut up makin fun of us flat earthers. but if u accept it i will respect u alot more. i want a debate, now!"

At the time of writing Rogan does not appear to have publicly responded to Mitchell's challenge.

This is far from Mitchell's only controversial belief. He has previously spoken out against face masks, claims that the federal reserve is 'corrupt' and controls the government and that the US government has set up mass shooting in order to push tougher legislation on gun control.

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