Woman gets her flight upgraded to business class after being mistaken for Chloe Kelly

Woman gets her flight upgraded to business class after being mistaken for Chloe Kelly
Chloe Kelly arrives home to Ealing after Euro 2022 victory
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The Lionesses brought football home after winning the Women's Euro 2022 on Sunday and since then the squad have been treated like heroes by the public, a rightly so and got a few freebies on they - perhaps a free pint or a flight upgrade...

Well, that's what happened when a flight attendant thought Manchester City forward Chloe Kelly, whose goal sealed England's victory was on her flight... except it wasn't the footballer.

Instead, it was a passenger named Sophie who managed to get bumped up to business class as a result of the case of mistaken identity.

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"So I got a free upgrade to business because the air hostess thought I was Chloe Kelly," the on-screen text read, as Sophie recorded herself choosing off the menu.

In her TikTok, the flight attendant approached to ask Sophie what she wanted for lunch, to which Sophie replied: "I don't know how this all works."

Soon, curiosity got the better of the air hostess who asked Sophie - who was sporting an England top at the time: "Were you playing the other night?"

Sophie replied: "No I wasn't but I'm glad you said that because that's a massive compliment."

"You look like the girl who scored," the flight attendant added referencing Chloe Kelly, the TikTok responded in surprise: "Oh you think so?"

"That's the best compliment you could possibly ever give me that," she added.


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"Is this what it's like to be Chloe Kelly?!?" the caption read as the baffled TikToker showed viewers her business class seat.

In the comment section, viewers praised Sophie for her honesty - but said they would have played along.

One person said: "I'd have said yes but then spent the rest of the flight in sunglasses and a face mask."

"I'd of been like yeah I scored the winner," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day thank u."

Even Kelly herself responded on Twitter and gave a cheeky wave to British Airways.

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