Dana White shares his thoughts on 'ridiculous' Mike Tyson v Jake Paul fight

Dana White shares his thoughts on 'ridiculous' Mike Tyson v Jake Paul fight
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Dana White has spoken again in criticism of the Mike Tyson v Jake Paul fight, describing it as “ridiculous”.

The fight is still due to go ahead in the future despite being postponed recently after Tyson suffered a health scare.

The bout had been due to take place on 20 July at Arlington's AT&T Stadium, but now things are set to be moved back to a later date.

It was postponed following medical advice over the weekend after Tyson, 57, became unwell while flying from Miami to Los Angeles and paramedics came onto the plane as it landed.

Now, Dana White, who is UFC CEO, spoke on Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant Podcast and called the whole thing “ridiculous”.

White said: “When this fight happens Tyson will be 58 f***in years old. Under any circumstances an almost 60-year-old man shouldn’t be fighting a 27-year-old guy under any circumstances… it’s just f***in ridiculous.”

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Explaining his concerns, White said that he was worried about Tyson’s health.

“Jake Paul’s 27, he’s in his f***in prime… and I love Mike. No one wants to see Mike get beat by this f***in j***off,” White commented.

It’s not the first time that White has taken aim at the fight, saying that it wasn’t a “serious” match up due to the differences in ages.

However, White admitted that it made commercial sense, saying about Jake Paul: “He doesn’t [want to be taken seriously]. What Jake wants is Jake wants to make money. The people that follow Jake Paul don’t buy Jake Paul’s fights so Jake Paul has to fight people who can actually sell pay-per-views.”

White isn’t the only person to criticise the fight. Before it was postponed, it was branded "an absolute p**s take" by former cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew after rule changes were announced.

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