A man dressed as Forrest Gump just broke a London Marathon record

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Every year the London Marathon conjures up stories that could only happen at an event of this kind in a major city.

This year we've already seen a number of inspirational stories, such as the two women running in their underwear to raise money for mental health charities and promote body positivity.

Plus, the story of the female trailblazer who has campaigned for women's rights to compete in marathons since the 1960s, who ran this year's ran aged 71.

Maybe the oddest marathon-related story that we've seen so far has to be that of Rob Pope, who completed this year's race dressed as the film character Forrest Gump, famously played by Tom Hanks.

Not only did Rob, who is originally from Liverpool, run the race - he broke a world record for the fastest time anyone has ever run the race dressed as a film character, crossing the finish line at 2 hours 36 mins.

By now, you've probably realised that Rob wasn't just a random person in fancy dress but an accomplished runner who has embarked on the epic feat of recreating Forrest Gump's run across America as seen in the 1994 film.

After being inspired by the Oscar-winning flick, Rob mapped out the route that Forrest took on his run across the States, which totalled at 15,348 miles, which is the equivalent of 590 marathons.

Needless to say, that is a long, long way, but remarkably he completed his journey in 409 days, all the while raising money for the World Wildlife Fund and Peace Direct Charities.

Rob isn't finished there though. Despite running more than the distance between the North and South Pole, he has also begun the fifth leg of his journey, meaning the London Marathon must have felt like a short jog in the park for him.

Follow Rob's progress and donate to his causes through his website Going The Distance Run. Good luck Rob on all your future runs.

Rob's wasn't the only story from the marathon that caught our eye, raised a smile and warmed our hearts from this year's marathon, which incidentally was the hottest on record.

So here is a selection of other moments that we found on Twitter starting with this boy's adorable sign for his Dad.

One woman, named Michelle walked the marathon on stilts.

Another woman named Charlotte, completed the marathon in 3 hours 39 minutes dressed as a zombie. That seems a bit too quick to be a zombie, if you're asking us.

The overwhelming support that the Grenfell Tower Firefighters received was genuinely moving.

A man proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes!

A dinosaur also got engaged. Yes. A dinosaur.

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