NBA player's bizarre NSFW jersey swap is raising eyebrows

NBA player's bizarre NSFW jersey swap is raising eyebrows
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Two basketball players were involved in a NSFW moment after a game when they swapped shirts to create a rude phrase with their surnames.

The NBA has experienced many viral moments over the years, from the woman who went viral in a picture of Steph Curry before being cropped out to the famous Adele pouting meme.

Now, players Gradey Dick and Anthony Black have created what is sure to be another moment that lives long in the memory.

The moment occurred on Sunday (17 March) after the Toronto Raptors played Orlando Magic in Florida.

After the match, the Toronto Raptors player Dick and Orlando Magic rookie Black decided to swap jerseys and pose with them. In the pictures, they stood next to each other displaying the back of the shirts with their surnames on display.

The circulating images speak for themselves, as the pair could be seen grinning, seemingly aware of what the rude result would be.

On social media, basketball fans shared their amusement and suggested that the pair knew what they were doing.

One person shared a video of the moments leading up to the shirt swap and claimed that Dick mouthed the words “f*** it”.

They claimed: “Knew exactly what they were doing. Watch Gradey say ‘f*** it…’ at the beginning of this, and Anthony re-position himself.”

Another said: “The look of two men who knew exactly what they were doing.”

While many fans found the situation hilarious, the players involved could potentially face repercussions. According to Complex, the Orlando Magic initially posted a photo of the exchange on their official social media before deleting it.

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