Jake Paul's business partner reveals 'truth' about Mike Tyson fight

Jake Paul's business partner reveals 'truth' about Mike Tyson fight
Mike Tyson shows off speed and power while preparing for Jake Paul …
Mike Tyson

We’re still months out from Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson, and there’s already been more speculation about the fight than any other taking place in 2024.

Rumours spread last month about the conditions of the fight, with some online speculating that the fight would involve protective headgear and heavier gloves when it takes place on July 20.

The alleged conditions of the fight between Paul, 27, and Tyson, 58, sparked ridicule and Paul himself dismissed them in no uncertain terms.

Nakisa Bidarian who is a business partner of Paul’s with Most Valuable Promotions has now spoken about the “truth” behind the upcoming fight – and vehemently denied the rumours spreading online.

Speaking in a video message released via Most Valuable Promotions’ X/Twitter account, Bidarian said: "Breaking news, there is no news. Stop spreading fake news. There's no truth to all this stuff around Jake Paul and Mike Tyson."

Here's what is true, one; Mike Tyson is in unbelievable shape and training like he hasn't in many, many years and is looking scary for Jake Paul.”

He went on to say: "Two, there are no tickets for sale. If you bought tickets those are tickets that don't exist. Three, over 85,000 people have signed up to get access to tickets when they go on sale. This is going to be a historic event."

Paul himself previously dismissed the rumours, too. Speaking on the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, he said: “It’s f***ing absurd. First of all, obviously, none of that’s true… They’re so f***ing stupid. Anyone who believes that sh*t should not be allowed to vote.”

“It’s sad. We live in a f***ed up world. Humans are getting more and more stupid every single day. It’s crazy, bro.”

The fight is shaping up to be one of the biggest of the year when it’s streamed on Netflix this summer - and Bidarian wasn't lying when he spoke about Tyson being in unbelievable shape for the fight.

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