Joey Barton based one of his sexist rant's about women pundits on a wrong quote

Joey Barton based one of his sexist rant's about women pundits on a wrong quote
Joey Barton suggests women football pundits hired to 'tick boxes'
Piers Morgan Uncensored, TalkTV

Joey Barton has been widely criticised for his comments about women football commentators and appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored where the ex-footballer was challenged on his views.

During the exchange, Barton was asked about his sexist rant on Twitter/X where he wrote that "women shouldn’t be talking with any authority" about men’s football.

With this viewpoint, Morgan then asked Barton if he is qualified to commentate on Champions League or World Cup football if he hasn't played in those tournaments himself.

"Piers, everybody's entitled to comment," Barton replied. "I can talk about the Premier League football, I can talk about taekwondo but it's about credibility and journalistic standards rather than this tokenism.

"They should be there on merit, not for quotas.”

Barton goes on to say that there are some female pundits who "are capable" and have “credibility," but he didn't want to give specific examples.

He then mentioned Sheffield United player Courtney Sweetman-Kirk's recent commentary for the Liverpool v Fulham game which ended in a 4-3 win for the Reds on Sunday (December 3) as an attempt to back up his argument which ultimately ended up backfiring.

"I heard a comment from the Liverpool v Fulham game about the Endo goal and the co-commentator was female and she talks about 'Endo scores with his laces'," Barton said.

"Now anyone who watched that who had any knowledge of football seen that Endo scored with the side of his foot but no because it was a female co-commentating said 'Hang on a minute that didn't happen.'"

But the reason why no one mentioned it is because that was not what Sweetman-Kirk said at all.

Despite Barton talking of "credibility," he clearly misheard or mistaken what Sweetman-Kirk said in response to Endo's goal.

What she actually said was "How many players do you see at that moment panic, put their laces through it, smash it over the bar but no, Endo just strokes it into that top right-hand corner."

Many viewers on social media were quick to point out that Barton had incorrectly quoted Sweetman-Kirk and called on him to apologise.

Though it hasn't deterred Barton who has counted his Twitter tirade about the topic.

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