Kansas City Chiefs fan was offered $1,000 before storming field

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It seems as though sports fans are getting braver by the second.

Whereas some games have featured bizarre sex toys being thrown on the field by members of the audience, storming the field during a match is a tried and true classic—but never any less dangerous.

This time around it was the latter pick; when a guy ran through the field during the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills playoff game and ended up being tackled by Buffalo’s wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

It made for a rather eventful evening.

The tackle definitely looked like it hurt, but still, as the man was being escorted out of the field he looked more than satisfied with his actions.

Waving his feet in the air, the moment was a highlight of the night and in a video shared by TikTok user @trentsdreamco, it showed a behind-the-scenes view of what led up to it.

The shared clip showed that the moment wasn't an impulsive decision but instead, the result of a bet his pal made that would render him $1000 if he went through with it.

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“$1,000 to run on the f**king field and get arrested, and spend the night in the drunk tank?” they replied, seemingly thinking about the large consequences of storming an NFL game.

But no, the following clip shows the man following through on the bet.

Wouldn’t think he really would …#fyp#kansascitychiefs #cheifskindom


Wouldn’t think he really would …#fyp#kansascitychiefs #cheifskindom

Wouldn’t think he really would …#fyp#kansascitychiefs #cheifskindom

In the comments, many people called the boy a legend and applauded how he shook off the tackle he endured both by the player and by security.

"Not many can say they took a full-contact tackle with no padding like from a professional football player, shook it off and kept going," wrote one person.

"Homie really listed the consequences and still did it," another person said of the TikTok.

Another joked, "I could tell right away from his eyes that he was going to do this."

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