KSI just got rejected after challenging the verdict of his Tommy Fury fight

KSI just got rejected after challenging the verdict of his Tommy Fury fight
KSI and Tommy Fury have heated clash ahead of fight

KSI has lost a part of an appeal having sought to have the outcome of his fight against Tommy Fury overturned following the controversial result.

The fight at AO Arena in October saw Fury win by unanimous decision which raised eyebrows from viewers, with KSI declaring it to be a "robbery" in post-fight interviews.

"Robbery, it's a robbery bro," the YouTuber said

"How many jabs did he land? And he had a point taken off as well. You weren't landing. Look at your face, look at your eyes. Look at you."

He added "How do I lose a six-rounder? Unreal," before also sharing his and his team's intention to appeal the decision.

But unfortunately for KSI, the Professional Boxing Association announced on December 1 that there are "no grounds" to overturn the result of the fight.

This decision was made through an independent review panel, consisting of two of the country’s leading King’s Counsel and a third lawyer.

Fans believe they saw this decision coming after KSI's manager Mams Taylor had posted the day before about their appeal being "move[d] to the second of three possible stages of the appeal".

He also directly responded to the PBA's recent decision. "I don’t give a f*** if it’s a close fight. If it’s the wrong decision, it’s the wrong decision," he tweeted.

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