Logan Paul wants to buy Evander Holyfield's ear that was chewed off by Mike Tyson

Logan Paul wants to buy Evander Holyfield's ear that was chewed off by Mike Tyson
Logan Paul reacts to Jake Paul's KO win over Andre August
Logan Paul

YouTube-turned-wrestler Logan Paul has suggested he wants to buy Evander Holyfield’s ear that was famously bitten off by Mike Tyson.

On 20 July, Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul is set to take on former world heavyweight champion Tyson in an exhibition boxing match at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The fight has already seen plenty of build-up with Jake claiming that either he or Tyson will “die” in the bout.

But while the boxers prepare, Logan has been getting involved in the antics revealing he wants to buy Holyfield’s ear.

In June 1997, Tyson and Holyfield were participating in their second bout together, but the fight ended in controversy after Tyson infamously bit off part of Holyfield’s ear.

Tyson was disqualified immediately by the referee but the damage to the ear was done. Reports vary, but it was suggested the one-inch piece of ear was found in the ring by a staff member at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas where the fight took place.

In a video posted on the Most Valuable Promotions’ (owned by Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian) X/Twitter page, a person could be heard telling the Paul brothers a story claiming that a janitor found the piece of ear after the fight and gave it back to Holyfield, who allegedly said he didn’t want it reattached.

Logan asked: “Evander has the missing ear?”

The person responded: “He might have it. They were going to sew it back on but he was like: ‘Nah, f**k it. It looks cool.’

“Whoever was sweeping up the ring, they found it like two hours after the fight.”

Logan laughed before telling another person, “I am trying to buy Evander’s ear”.

It wouldn’t be the first bizarre purchase the 29-year-old influencer/boxer has made, after spending $3.5 million on rare Pokémon cards that some experts believe may have been fake.

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