Pokemon experts think Logan Paul spent $3.5m on fake cards

Logan Paul hasn’t hidden his love for Pokémon and has spent a hefty amount on his collection of items dedicated to the franchise - but now experts are claiming that Paul’s first edition Pokémon deck is fake.

The popular YouTuber spent $3.5 million on what was believed to be the only known sealed box of first edition Pokémon base sets in the world.

Paul, who since his YouTube days has had an impressive stint in the boxing world (including his match against Floyd Mayweather), first shared the news of his exciting purchase on Twitter.

He wrote, "Just dropped $3,500,000 on this sealed and authenticated box of 1st Edition Pokémon cards."

In a follow-up tweet that included a video, he added, "The only known one in the world."

Paul also boasts that this is the only known deck that exists.

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However, his celebration has now been cut short as Pokémon experts are claiming that the six booster boxes were most likely all fake, according to Lad Bible.

Alarms went off when a YouTuber called Rattle Pokémon, released a three-part series titled “Why The Logan Paul Pokemon 1st Edition Base Case Likely Isn't Authentic .”

Fansite Pokébeach and YouTuber Rattle published a lengthy report that raised suspicion about many sealed first edition booster boxes going onto the market.

They shared that the allegedly rare deck was sold on eBay in Canada by what appears to be a sketchy account.

The two also called attention to the fact that the seller apparently refuses to allow people to inspect the decks before purchasing.

After consulting an authentication service, the buyer turned around and sold it to Paul.

Other flags raised by the duo range from the barcode to even the plastic wrap.

According to further reports, per Highsnobiety, base sets usually go for about $400,000 each with the complete set going for around $2.6 million if real—which Paul purchased for $72,000.

Back in September, Paul was in the news for rejecting a fan who quit his job in the hopes of being hired by the YouTuber. It was a brutal interaction, to say the least.

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