A man tried to criticise Megan Rapinoe for being 'arrogant' and it backfired spectacularly

Some may say that sport is all about the taking part but, at the end of the day, someone always wins and someone always loses.

While winners are supposed to humble and sportsmanlike, it's hard to begrudge a team or person for showing the slightest bit of arrogance once they have proved they are the best.

All the greats have shown tendencies of being arrogant in their time. Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Conor McGregor, Tiger Woods, to name but a few.

You might notice something odd about that otherwise small list of names. There are no women athletes in there. Which brings us nicely to this tweet from Twitter user @JakeFutbol.

Megan Rapinoe became a household name this summer after standing up to Donald Trump, being an advocate for LGBT+ rights and being really good at football.

The 34-year-old American captained the United States women's soccer team to their second consecutive World Cup earlier this month and was also awarded the gong for the best player at the tournament, as well as the 'Golden Boot', for scoring the most goals. She has more than earned her an opportunity to brag about her achievements but Jake, who reportedly hails from Shrewsbury, doesn't like her for that very reason.

Jake, who clearly didn't recognise the double standards that his tweet illustrated, almost definitely didn't anticipate the deluge of responses he would receive that called him out for the sheer ignorance that he was displaying.

In the interest of fairness, Jake did post a thinly veiled apology but the dye had already been cast.

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