Footballers look on helplessly as pitch-invading raccoon is captured with a bin

Footballers look on helplessly as pitch-invading raccoon is captured with a bin
Pitch-invading raccoon is captured with bin during USA football match
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An unsuspecting raccoon found itself at the centre of attention at an MLS football match after it invaded the pitch and had officials chasing after it.

Occasionally, football games get disrupted by human pitch invaders seeking to cause havoc. But, other times the culprits are much more wholesome, like the cat that ran onto the pitch during a Sheffield Wednesday match.

In the United States, it was the turn of a raccoon to become the source of chaos after running onto the pitch during a Major League Soccer match between Philadelphia Union and New York City on Wednesday (15 May).

The match was stopped for five minutes at around 20 minutes in, as the venue’s security staff were sent on a chase to catch the surprisingly nimble animal.

Hilarious footage showed the moment the raccoon was eventually captured using an empty bin as the commentators narrating it sounded quite delighted with the whole saga.

One of the commentators could be heard saying: “And still the raccoon goes on! This is marvellous entertainment.”

Another chimed in, asking, “At what point are we just rooting for him?”

Even as security closed in, the commentators appeared to be willing the raccoon to evade capture, shouting: “Go on raccoon … you can get out!”

The crowd inside the Subaru Park stadium could be heard cheering as the animal was eventually caught.

Posting on X/Twitter, Philadelphia Union confirmed the animal was safe and well.

They wrote: “Our friend was put in good hands with @HoffmansPest and has been safely released!”

Unfortunately the raccoon couldn’t bring the home side good luck as Philadelphia Union ended up losing the match 2-1.

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