'Arrogant' Shaquille O'Neal slammed for three word response to Martin Brundle on F1 grid

'Arrogant' Shaquille O'Neal slammed for three word response to Martin Brundle on F1 grid
'Lewis Hamilton baby': Shaq gives three-word response to Martin Brundle on F1 …
Sky Sports

Martin Brundle might have the most thankless task in all of broadcasting which has been further exemplified by an interaction with basketball legend Shaquille 'Shaq' O'Neal.

As is customary at every grand prix, the Sky Sports reporter attempts to speak to the biggest names and celebrities that are in attendance at that particular race.

This weekend saw the Las Vegas grand prix take place which was won by Max Verstappen but it's often the celebrities that steal the show and this time it was Shaq's turn.

Brundle had attempted to have a few friendly words with the NBA icon who was a guest of Red Bull on the grid. However, the 7ft 1in colossus was in no mood for talking and was more eager to pose for photos.

Brundle stood his ground though and waited for Shaq to finish and as the 51-year-old strode past he managed to get a microphone in the former LA Lakers stars' face.

However, Shaq response was a lot shorter than his size, only saying "Lewis Hamilton baby" in response to the reporter. Brundle sarcastically responded with: "Lewis Hamilton, baby. That’ll cover it,.”

The veteran reporter added: “Yeah, it’s okay. I’ve had a great television career so, honestly, it doesn’t really matter, does it, if it’s over this evening?”

Although Brundle is used to these type of awkward interactions with major stars it still didn't stop people from thinking that Shaq's behaviour was rude and ignorant.

Brundle has also had awkward run ins on F1 grids with the likes of Machinegun Kelly, Cara Delevingne, Megan Thee Stallion and Brad Pitt.

He has had some fun on the grid recently, such as when he met Eurovision legend Sam Ryder.

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