A map of the world by the most Olympians per person

A map of the world by the most Olympians per person

In 2012, much was made of the amount of competitors from Yorkshire who won medals for Team GB. Rightfully so, the bloody heroes.

The amazing statistic bandied about was that if it were a country, Yorkshire would have finished 12th in the medals tables.

So where in the world produces the most Olympic athletes for the amount of people they have?

David H Montgomery, a journalist from Minnesota has crunched the numbers and published the countries with the most and least residents per athlete.

Ie. who is getting the most athletes to the games, per citizen.

We've made an interactive map you can browse - the more yellow the country, the smaller the population per Olympian.

Here are the top 10 countries with the most Olympians per person:

It's stuffed with Pacific and Carribbean island nations.

And here are the ten countries with the worst ratios:

The UK ranks 87th in the world, with 177,896.2 people per Olympian at Rio.

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