The US women’s football team celebrated their world cup win by using pages from their gender discrimination lawsuit as confetti.

In a series of Instagram stories, goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris is shown crumpling up one of the pages of the lawsuit and putting it in her mouth, while other pieces of paper are scattered on the floor of City Hall and in the trees of New York City where a parade was celebrating their victory.

“Pay us, b***h,” is heard in the background, as they stomp on the pages.

Sections of the video have been reposted to Twitter hundreds of times, and fans are calling it "emotional", “inspiring” and “legendary”.

Meanwhile, confused men are also predictably piling into the comments to ask why women should get equal pay, and people are having the best responses.

The lawsuit was filed on International Women's Day this March by all 28 players against the United States Soccer Federation, alleging “institutionalised gender discrimination” including inequity in pay, practice time, practice locations, medical treatment, coaching and travel.

According to the Guardian, the women's team would be earning six times their current bonuses if they were paid at the same rates as their male counterparts.

Despite the pay discrepancy the women's team, which won the world cup this year, brings in more revenue than the men's team, which failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament.

The two parties reportedly settled the lawsuit last month.

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