Why has Dua Lipa's favourite ice cream flavour gone viral?

Why has Dua Lipa's favourite ice cream flavour gone viral?
Gen Z's newest obsession is ice cream drizzled with olive oil
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Dua Lipa has sparked a new TikTok food trend after the singer revealed her favourite ice cream flavour, and it features a unique combination that has left people curious to try it themselves.

During an interview on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with DJ Greg James, the pop star shared that she isn't a fan of chocolate ice cream or Italian gelato but does have a go-to ice cream flavour.

"I get vanilla ice cream and I put olive oil on it, and sea salt," Lipa said and added how she's been converting her friends to the dessert.

"So many people I’ve shown it to, I’ve brought to the dark side.’

She has also previously been vocal on social media about her taste in ice cream, with a post on X in 2022 that read, "Olive oil ice cream for the win," and included a snap of herself holding an ice cream cone.

Since then, people have been taking to TikTok to show themselves trying it - and a lot of people are fans of the ice cream and olive oil combo.

Actor and influencer Claudia Sulewski (who is also the girlfriend of musician Finneas O’Connell) shared a video of herself drizzling the olive oil on top of the ice cream which she captioned: "How to elevate your vanilla ice cream."


how to elevate your vanilla ice cream 🫒 #oliveoilicecream

Another influencer Nara Smith went viral with more than 9.3m views where she described the ice cream flavour as her "favorite late-night snack lately".

In the video, Smith took two scoops of vanilla ice cream and then topped it by pouring a dash of olive oil, then finished off with a pinch of flaky sea salt to complete the "elite combination".


elite combination!! #snacks #latenightsnack #treat #dessert #vanillaicecream #icecream #fypシ

"It’s so good,” she said. “It’s so addicting.”

Comments online are divided on olive oil ice cream, while others have noted the combination has been a thing before Dua Lipa spoke about it.

One person said: "Sweet tooth went right back up into my gums."

"Guys olive oil on ice cream really is and has been a thing," another person wrote, as a third commenter said it's known as "gelato con olio" in Italy.

A fourth person added: "Now this actually isn’t the first time I’ve heard of olive oil being put on ice cream."

"YESSSSS!!! I tried olive oil ice cream the other day and now I can’t stop thinking about it," someone else replied.

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