Millennial mocked by Gen Z for how he danced in a nightclub

Millennial mocked by Gen Z for how he danced in a nightclub

Millennial mocked by Gen Z for how he danced in a nightclub


Each generation has its own way of doing things - and how to dance in a nightclub appears to have divided Millennials and Gen Z from a viral TikTok storytime.

Gus Rosas, a 32-year-old from Los Angeles posted a video in October last year where he recalled his experience in a nightclub where he befriended a girl on the dancefloor.

She was a 23-24-year-old model, according to Rosas and had some advice for him in the dance moves department.

"You know what's giving away your age?" he said in the TikTok, recalling her words, "You keep putting your hands up," and told him to put his arms down.

He also noted: "My mom does that," as he demonstrated how he danced in the club.


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The video now has over 4.6m views, and Millennials took to the comment section to defend Rosas's dance moves.

One person said: "We were literally instructed to put our hands in the air like we just don’t care. It’s our legacy."

"So they're just out there river dancing?" another person wrote.

A third person added: "But how will the roof get raised?"

"Sir, I can not shake it like a polaroid picture with my hands glued to my sides," a fourth person commented, referencing the 2003 Outkast song, "Hey Ya!"

Someone else replied: "I never heard a song say put your hands down."

While others had general observations on Gen Z being conscious of what they look like.

"What I noticed in the generation is they don’t seem to be having fun when they dance..we had fun not caring what people saw!" one person noted.

Another added: "Being a Gen Z sounds exhausting."

"I went to the club the other night and Gen Z just stands. Legit no one dances like how we used to back in the day," someone else wrote.

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