Nan swears 29 times in hilarious reaction to Saltburn: "Do you have to put this f***ing filth on?"

Nan swears 29 times in hilarious reaction to Saltburn: "Do you have to put this f***ing filth on?"
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Saltburn is one of the most talked about films of recent years and it came with an R rating (15 in the UK) when it was released last year.

However, judging by a hilarious new video going viral on TikTok, it probably should have come with an upper age limit too.

The movie focuses on Oxford University students Felix and Oliver, one of whom is heir to a gigantic country pile called Saltburn with the other desiring a cut of that slice and adopts some NSFW approaches in order to do so.

Since in was made available on Prime Video during December some of the risqué scenes ruined several family Christmases.

TikTok user @beauthebeard uploaded a clip of his nan watching some of the most infamous eyebrow-raising moments from the film starring Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi.


MADE NAN WATCH SALTBURN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #saltburn #saltburnmovie

The clip is only two and a half minutes long, but in that time the TikToker’s nan managed to fit in 29 swear words as she expressed just how appalled she was to be watching.

The infamous bathtub scene, which has inspired cocktails and bizarre merchandise, sparked quite the reaction – as did the final scenes featuring a nude Keoghan dancing through the home while listening to Sophie Ellie Bextor

Describing the “f***ing filth” she was watching as "disrespectful", she certainly didn’t hold back in her criticism of the movie and she got a lot of love in the comments section.

“Genuinely best reaction about Saltburn I've seen,” one wrote.

The hilarious video is going viral on TikTokbeauthebeard/TikTok

Another said: “Get her on Gogglebox please.”

One more added: “nan not wanting to watch it but can't take her eyes off it this lady is national treasure.”

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