North Face give epic response to woman’s viral raincoat criticism

North Face give epic response to woman’s viral raincoat criticism
North Face fly customer in private helicopter after she complained about waterproof …
North Face

The North Face has responded to a viral video of a woman complaining she was soaked despite wearing a waterproof raincoat from the brand.

In the video which now has 12.6m views, Jenn Jensen (@fannypack310) said how she's "got a bone to pick with North Face."

"I bought this ‘rain jacket’ a couple of days ago because the tag in the advertising said that it was waterproof, as a rain jacket would be," she said from the mountains of New Zealand, then laughed.

“I’m 100 per cent sure that it’s raining outside and I’m soaking wet," before jokingly asking the clothing company to "express deliver" a new raincoat to Hooker Valley Lake.

But it looks like The North Face heard Jensen's complaints and request loud and clear as they had a pretty epic response.

A representative from the brand hand took a helicopter trip to Jensen's location where they delivered her a new waterproof raincoat, which Jensen looked delighted (and more importantly dry) with.


Replying to @Timbrodini We were busy express delivering @Jenn her jacket at the top of mountain. Thanks for the help Jossi!

In a follow-up TikTok, Jensen shared her "incredible update," and shared how The North Face flew her in a helicopter to the top of a mountain in New Zealand where she was given the new raingear.

She joked in the caption how the brand has "made it out of my burn book."

While Jensen has not yet tested out her new raincoat on a rainy hike, she has told viewers to stay tuned to see if The North Face have redeemed themselves...

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