What does the term 'OBCD' mean on TikTok?

What does the term 'OBCD' mean on TikTok?
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The internet is full of various acronyms to shorten words such as fr (for real), tbh (to be honest), smh (shaking my head), and twf (that feeling when), to name a few.

With speed of trends, it can be hard to keep up with them all.

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But there's a new one that's circulating around TikTok - with people mentioning the acronym OBCD.

So what does OBCD mean?

OBCD means obesity, so it's not necessarily an acronym where each letter stands for something, it sounds like the word "obesity" when pronouncing the group of letters together and so it's used as sort of a joke.

This term became a thing thanks to YouTube Nickocado Avocado where he displayed his pantry that was stocked up with various flavours of noodles.

(While the word has gained popularity on TikTok, it is unclear where the slang originated from, according to Know Your Meme).


Almost cried while making this💔 #nikocadoavocado #edit #fyp #foryoupage #xyzbca #viral

As he discussed his assortment Nickocado referred to the fact that his pantry is perfectly organised as he "kind of has OCD."

To which the person behind the camera - Nickocado's husband, Orlin Home - quickly quipped back: "you mean OBCD" as a play on the word "obesity."

Last year, edits of the moment have been going viral on TikTok with one video gaining 7.5m views.

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