What is a Sink Aunt? New TikTok term explained

What is a Sink Aunt? New TikTok term explained

What is a Sink Aunt? New TikTok term explained

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There's always a new term making the rounds on TikTok, recent examples include gardening, glazing, WTM, and WTW, and the latest word on people's feeds is "Sink Aunt".

But what exactly does it mean to be a "Sink Aunt"?

A "Sink Aunt" is actually an acronym with the SINK standing for Single Income, No Kids with the aunts specifically in relation to women who are active aunties but they themselves are child-free.


I’m a SINK #sinkaunt #sink

This term has been used in various socioeconomic discourse on the app as Sink Aunts offer their perspective on what this status means within their family dynamic as well as their own personal lives.

A sink aunt is a woman who enjoys the financial freedoms and general freedoms of being child-free but at the same time adores the role they play in the lives of their nieces and nephews.

Examples of video content using the term include, people realising they are in fact a Sink Aunt, what is like to babysit your friend or family member's children, or vlogging your life as a Sink Aunt.

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