What is the 'Spooky Lake Month' TikTok series?

What is the 'Spooky Lake Month' TikTok series?
Keeping your jack-o'-lantern fresh through Halloween
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Now we're in October, it can mean only one thing - Halloween is just around the corner.

When this time of year comes, there's one TikTok page which becomes particularly popular for its “Spooky Lake Month" series.

With over 1.5 billion views, the annual series created by TikToker artist and teacher Geo Rutherford (@geodesaurus) from Wisconsin delves into the murky and morbid history of lakes and other bodies of water around the world.

As part of the "31 Days of Haunted Hydrology" thread, Rutherford goes into scientific explanations as to how each location earned its infamy and is able to share her expertise as a “hobby limnologist” and “freshwater scientist”.

To conclude her videos, Rutherford provides a rating out of 10 “Spookies" for each body of water she talks about and this score is based on the creepiness of the location itself, not the reported hauntings or deaths.

So far Rutherford has posted more than 107 videos as part of the series, so there are plenty of clips to binge-watch as the spooky season has commenced.

Viewers have also flocked to Rutherford's comments after she posted her first "Spooky Lake Month" video all about Lake Tahoe.


Replying to @Erin Mayfield Tahoe Dancefloor!? 🪦 #spookylake #spookylakemonth #laketahoe #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

One person said: "I RUN to this page and camp out for the entirety of October."

"It’s here, it’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeearrrrrr," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Thank you for doing this, it’s truly the best thing on TikTok!!"


Thanks to the success of her series last year, Rutherford shared in an exclusive interview with Outside that she has expanded her scope of locations for the series this year.

“Honestly, I did some of the best lakes during my first year, so I’ve incorporated 'haunted hydrology' into Spooky Lake Month,” she said. “Now, I can basically do anything that’s wet. I still haven’t gotten fully into ocean topics yet!”

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