We ran Trump, Elon and Salt Bae through TikTok's AI filter and results were terrifying

We ran Trump, Elon and Salt Bae through TikTok's AI filter and results were terrifying
Woman uses a filter to scare her boyfriend!

A new AI filter is taking over TikTok.

It seems every week there is a new artificial intelligence lens or filter that captures people's attention. This time it's this AI Manga filter on TikTok.

Like other AI filters, the AI Manga one asks users to upload a photo or video of themself and then turns them into a Manga-like character.

Unlike Lensa AI, the AI Manga filter is less accurate.

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People have reported the filter wrongly detects faces and turns them into interesting sceneries. Some claim the filter is able to pick up on ghosts because it will place a Manga animation in the middle of an empty room.

So to test it out, we ran photos of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Salt Bae through it to see what it would look like and the results are slightly terrifying.

For starters, it's difficult for the filter to pick up on the exact position a person is in if it's not a portrait.

So this image of Trump giving a thumbs-up turned into a man holding onto a beam.

Getty Images, TikTok

Unclear where the sunglasses came from.

The filter works best when uploading a portrait on a plain background. It's able to pick up on facial features, colors, and shapes better to create a more accurate Manga character in your likeness.

Although, based on our results with this Musk portrait, it's not totally exact.

Getty Images, TikTok

To obtain your own AI Manga filter, start creating a new video in TikTok and hit 'effects' in the lower right-hand corner.

Using the search tool, type in "AI Manga" and it should be the first filter to pop up.

You can use your face in real-time by tapping once on the screen or use a photo by clicking 'upload' and then tapping once on the screen.

After a few seconds of loading, you should receive your very own AI Manga.

As mentioned, the more complicated the photo the more likely you'll get a strange concoction of colors and shapes similar to what you wanted.

Like this photo of Salt Bae which has created an extremely long thumb and one eye.

Getty Images, TikTok

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