Viral TikTok hack shows how you can save money while cooking

Viral TikTok hack shows how you can save money while cooking
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As the festive season has arrived, households will be thinking about different methods to save money this Christmas amid the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills.

Now there's a TikTok account @costoflivingcrisistips dedicated to providing helpful advice on how to make the most out of our resources.

In one video, it shows how people can save money when boiling a pot of water for cooking an egg for example.

"Always keep a lid on a pan when boiling food," it says in the on-screen text as a clip of water boiling away in a pot plays.

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According to the TikTok, leaving the lid over the boiled water means that "It cooks your food quicker saving you money on energy."

Another bonus is that covering using a lid "also reduces moisture in the air."

To top it off, the account then recommended another use for the boiling water once you're finished cooking with it.


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The on-screen text read: "Then use the boiled water to wash up."

(But wait until it's cooled down a bit so it's not boiling, of course, to avoid getting burned when doing the washing up).

While this video has received over 13,000 views, there are other hacks that have been a viral hit.

One example that has over 920,000 views is recommending putting your carton of milk at the back of the fridge instead of the fridge door as the latter as the milk gets "pulled away from the cool air, affecting the freshness."

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