Wearing thongs as shirts is the most divisive clothing trend of 2023

Wearing thongs as shirts is the most divisive clothing trend of 2023
Underwear as outerwear

There's always a new fashion trend taking over TikTok, and this latest one has divided people as requires you to repurpose your underwear as a top.

It all began when TikToker Joslyn (@sieling.j) who regularly posts clothing content decided to show an unconventional method to taking two thongs and turning them into a crop top.

"Wearing underwear as shirt ’cause I can," she wrote in the video that has nearly 10m views.

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Joslyn the demonstrates the top transformation by putting her head in one leg hole and one of the arms in the other for each thong to create the thrifty bralette.

But it wasn't just thongs that the TikToker used in the 20-second video as she also proved you can use a range of underwear styles from cheeky shorts and granny panties in order to create an adaptable range of tops.


When u remember I have free will #clothing #styling#underwear#fyp#fashion

Though people in the comment section were divided as some were apprehensive about wearing underwear as a top, while others thought its was a "cool" way to extend their wardrobe.

One person said: "Y’all it’s clean. It’s not like she’s putting on dirty ones."

"It’s cute until someone asked 'where did you get your top from?'" another person wrote.

Someone else wrote: "There's literal shirts like that just buy them."

"Why did some slay tho," a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, Fox News anchors declared it as "the most stupid thing," that they "got more stupid" from watching the TikTok and added the punchline: "two thongs don't make a right."

Though, the TikToker was defended on Twitter as one person responded: "They're so mad that she's hot and creative."

Now, many on the platform have been trying the trend out for themselves - TikToker @emopeppapiggg went viral with 3.8m views as she showed the hack worked on different body types.

Joslyn reshared this video as wrote: "Watch this girl prove my hack works on big boobs since everyone assumes this is only for little bitties."

Before Joslyn's video went viral, the trick was previously mentioned in a video back in 2020 by Sophie Wood (@goodwoodx) when she wore underwear as a top back.

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