What is a girl hammer? TikTok trend explained

What is a girl hammer? TikTok trend explained
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Content capturing different aspects of girlhood has recently been trending on TikTok, such as girl dinner, lazy girl jobs, and girl math - and now the latest one to become popular is the girl hammer trend.

"Girl hammer" is when a girl needs to use a hammer for a task but doesn't have one so she uses a different object as a substitute, such as a shoe, a hairbrush, a candle, or a book.

Anything strong enough to whack something into place, basically.

TikToker Madtod (@madtod) first used the term in a TikTok where she wrote: "Everyone's talking about girl dinner but nobody is talking about girl hammers," as she showed her pink hairbrush, a candle to secure hangings.


#screammovie #VozDosCriadores #girldinner

Since this clip was posted, it has received 700,000 views, 135,000 likes and plenty of women in the comment section sharing the different objects they would use as a girl hammer.

One person said: "Candle, Bluetooth speaker, random wooden box, heavy book, empty pot ANYTHING I CAN FIND."

"The hydro flask will do it every time," another person wrote.

A third added: "Heavy? handheld? hammer!"

"Me and the white direct TV remote were besties when I was younger. homegirl was a BRICK," a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "I grew up with a single mom and we use high heels. I was 12 when I found out what a hammer was."

Now, other women have been sharing their girl hammers - here are some of the best ones:


Girl hammer🤍 #hammer #sorority #usf

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