What is the invisible string theory? New TikTok couples trends goes viral

What is the invisible string theory? New TikTok couples trends goes viral
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Recently, people's TikTok For You pages have been filled with romantic stories from couples about how they are destined to be together.

The trend is based on the "invisible string theory" which is how things - albeit, friends, family, school, work, travel etc. - have tied them together as soulmates before they even knew one another, let alone became a couple.

Although the theory itself isn't new, it has begun trending on TikTok all thanks to the songwriter of our time Taylor Swift who penned a song called "Invisible String," from her 2020 album Folklore which delves into concept.

The chorus of the song asks: “Isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?”

The invisible string theory comes from East Asian folklore's “red thread of fate” that ties together lovers who are destined to be together.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that “an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.”

"The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break."

Red is the colour of the strong because it represents happiness and luck.

Apparently, it's the universe's way of keeping the connection until it is decided when the right time is for the pair to meet.

Here are some of our favourite stories from the trend:

TikToker @hannah.rammell explained in a viral video how her how her dad was her fiancée's dentist from the age of 12, and her grandad was her fiancée's parent’s teacher in school.


invisible string theory for our whole lives (‘: #engaged #highschoolsweethearts #invisiblestring #2024bride #wedding

While @charlottejdx recalled how her now-boyfriend used to work in the café she would frequent with her friends, two years before they properly knew each other, as well has going to the same gym and having mutual friends.


and the theory says that they are hidden until the universe thinks its the right time, impeccable timing 🫶🏻#invisiblestringtheory #stringtheory #hidinginplainsight #boyftiktok

For @saharapetraa, she noted how her partner worked across the road from where she lived "for years," and had mutual friends but never spoke.

She also used to get takeaways from his family's business and lived 10 minutes apart from each other - despite this, the two had never met.

That was until both were out clubbing one random night, and Sahara "felt an instant energy" to her boyfriend which caused her to approach him which she says is something she doesn't tend to do, and after exchanging numbers they've been together five years.


Hiding in plain sight #fyp #couplestiktok #couples #invisiblestringtheory

Just goes to show our small and connected our world really is.

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