How to take the 'what kind of toy are you' horror test that's gone viral on TikTok

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There's a new horror-based personality quiz circulating online which can tell us "what toy are you," and it's pretty scary.

The internet is flooded with different types of tests and quizzes such as the one where your "true personality" is revealed, what type of girl are you, whether you're a jock, nerd, prep or goth quiz and the Soldier, Poet or King test.

This new "what toy are you," quiz is on the Be Honest website - and if you're not a fan of horror then it's perhaps not your cup of tea as creepy music plays while answering the questions as well as the screen purposefully glitching.

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Some of the questions include: “what kind of friend are you,” “you’re at the party, you would be most likely to," and there is also a word association section when a word appears and you have three associated words to choose from and have three seconds to make the choice.


TOO SCARED TO TALK RIGHT!!! Lol #gamingontiktok #horrorgame #scarygame #gamingyoutuber #fyp #behonest

There are also questions where you have choose an answer ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree on a statement such as "I tend to speed up when I walk in the dark."

After answering all the questions you will then find out what kind of toy you are.

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