Here's how to take the jock, nerd, prep, goth test as seen on TikTok

We took the viral TikTok quiz that claims to reveal what type …

From finding out what emotion you are, to what type of girl you are or whether you're a solider, poet or king, there's always a viral test everyone's intrigued by on TikTok.

Now there's a new personality quiz that people are talking about that concerns labels which are often associated with our high school days.

The test from IDRLabs’ website determines whether you are a jock, nerd, prep or goth - or perhaps a combination of these stereotypes depending on where you fall on the alignment chart.

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This chart is described on the website as "a phenomenon in internet pop culture," that is thought to have originated in 2017 and draws inspiration from the Political Coordinates and Moral Alignment tests.

There is also a disclaimer given that the test"is not associated with any specific researchers in the field of psychopathology, social psychology, personality psychology, or any affiliated research institutions."

In total there are 22 rounds to complete and to answer, there is a scale from two thumbs up, one thumb up, netural, one thumb down and two thumbs down to respond with.

Some example of the statements include: "traditional male gender roles and expressions of masculinity are important and should be celebrated," "High-quality, understated luxury goods are a tasteful way of signaling one’s success," and "Rejecting societal norms is a key aspect of personal freedom."

After completing the quiz, you will then be taken to your result which can range widely depending on your answers.

For people to get "Prep" this subculture from the mid-20th century often associated with the upper-middle class or wealthy, clean-cut appearances and traditional conservative values.

While the "Goth," subculture emerged from the UK in the early 1980s that explores themes of death, decay, and the supernatural in music, fashion and art, and have a dark look with pale makeup and heavy eyeliner.

Those who get "Nerds" are "highly knowledgeable" and are particularly enthusiastic about their academic pursuits as are typically interested in subjects that interest them rather than popular culture.

Finally, "Jocks" are a cultural stereotype linked to athletes and sports enthusiasts and is said to have a "a focus on physical fitness, competition, and winning, as well as an emphasis on traditionally masculine traits such as strength, courage, and aggressiveness."

Find out whether you're a jock, nerd, prep or goth, take the test on the IDRLabs wesbite.

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