Woman ends up in hospital after mistaking superglue for eyedrops

Woman ends up in hospital after mistaking superglue for eyedrops
Guy puts superglue in woman's lip balm while she watches TV!

A woman has been hospitalised thanks to an unfortunate mix-up.

In a viral clip posted to TikTok, 22-year-old Lyd (@icyylyd) urged her 112,000 followers to always "read the bottles" after she applied what she thought were eyedrops, only to discover she had doused herself in super glue.

Lyd shared a montage of the horrifying incident, starting with a gruesome image of her eye glued shut.

"They had me apply an ointment that breaks down and dissolves the glue," she wrote over a brief recording of her rubbing the cream on the affected eye.

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She then showed herself being treated by medics on a hospital bed, explaining that the cream didn't work. This meant a doctor was forced to pick at the glue in an attempt to remove it.

After several attempts, Lyd was taken into a private room where her eye was finally opened with a metal tool.

She concluded by showing viewers her bloodshot eye after successfully being opened.

"I'm in so much pain," she wrote while holding a compress against it.


Not fun :))) read bottles before using! #fyp #superglueineye #foryoupage #foryou

Inevitably, the TikTok soon spread across the platform, with a staggering 5.4 million views and thousands of comments from concerned users.

"Oh my god girl … I hope you get better and I’m praying there’s no damage to your eye," one person wrote, to which Lyd responded: "Thankyou. In a lot of pain and vision is still not the best. They gave me antibiotic eye drops."

Another added: "Superglue evil for designing their bottles the same as eyedrop bottles."

Meanwhile, one medic claimed the mortifying incident is more common than people may think.

They wrote: "Former ophthalmic tech here! This happens WAY more often than you’d think. Sometimes the only way is to trim the lashes down."

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