A Netflix tweet about 'unfinished stories' has aged very badly

Netflix announces 2023 movie releases

A old tweet from Netflix has resurfaced after the platform cancelled numerous shows before they had concluded.

Back in 2017, the popular sci-fi drama Sense8was cancelled after just two seasons, despite it receiving positive reviews and gaining a fanbase.

Of course, Sense8 fans were devastated at the news and slammed Netflix for not renewing the series, they also noted how the last season didn't provide a conclusion to the storyline and lacked a proper ending.

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One disgruntled fan tweeted Netflix directly, demanding "closure" and received a response from the streaming service's official Twitter account.

"We don’t like leaving a story unfinished," it read.

"We learned a lot from Sense and we’re going to try not to do this in the future."

Now, internet sleuths have managed to dig this old tweet up after a spate of shows have cancelled by Netflix over the years as well as more recently such as Fate: The Winx Saga, The Midnight Club, The Society, The Baby-Sitters Club, Blockbuster, Uncoupled, Anne with an E, 1899, Resident Evil, GLOW, Warrior Nun and The Chair.

All of the shows were unable to finish their stories despite Netflix saying it was "going to try not to do this in the future."

The fandoms of the cancelled shows have been pointing out as the old tweet received new engagement five years on.

Viewers reminded Netflix of what shows they cancelledTwitter/fairmcnt

Viewers reminded Netflix of what shows they cancelled Twitter/MESalisbury

Viewers reminded Netflix of what shows they cancelled Twitter/valtcrsen

People also called out Netflix for cancelling shows amid a resurfaced tweet where it said the company were "going to try to not do in this in the future" Twitter/maximoffology

Twitter users also noted how Netflix's tweet from 2017 "aged poorly" Twitter/jennerationnext

One person even described the 2017 Netflix post as "one of the worst aging tweets of all time"Twitter/authorHaleyCass

Netflix has definitely left a lot of viewers with trust issues.

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