Aussie TV host blasted for poking fun at Queen’s walking stick

An Australian presenter has received backlash after making tongue-in-cheek comments about the Queen’s walking stick.

Queen Elizabeth II was today seen using a walking stick as she attended a service at Westminster Abbey marking the centenary of the Royal British Legion. The 95-year-old used the walking aid “for comfort” rather than for a medical reason.

The Today Show in Australia reported on the story, but comments made during the segment attracted backlash on social media.

Reporter Alex Cullen presented the story about the Queen using a mobility aid when host Karl Stefanovic remarked that she could use it to beat Cullen up.

“I’d let her win, she’s 95,” Cullen replied.

Stefanovic said: “She would smash you, bro”, and Cullen replied, “she would smash me and then jump on me.”

Unable to resist the low-hanging fruit, Stefanovic snickered: “I suppose she is single.”

Cullen started to laugh and said: “And shout at me for being a proud republican.”

Stefanovic laughed and banging his hand on the table. Turning back to the camera, Cullen remarked: “She’s not dead yet Karl.”

After the show posted the news story to Facebook, several people called the broadcasters out on their comments about the Queen.

One commenter wrote: “To Karl and the rest of the team who thought the comments were funny. Grow the hell up!! Your immaturity and disrespect is disgusting and disgraceful.”

Another said: “Karl and Alex..your comments this morning were very distasteful and disrespectful regardless of your stance on royalty. She is a lady and does not deserve that type if juvenile behaviour.” [sic]

Another wrote: “She’s bloody 95, who cares if she’s using a walking stick or not. Leave her alone.”

“For heaven’s sake she is 95 years old, she has done very well,” another comment read.

Although the Queen used the mobility aid at the service, she was later seen without it at Buckingham Palace as she presented classical pianist Dame Imogen Cooper with the Queen’s Medal for Music.

The last time the monarch used a walking stick was 20 years ago as she recovered from a knee operation.

We’re just impressed she made it to 95 before needing a mobility aid.

Indy100 has approached Nine for comment.

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