This ‘If over-30s were on Love Island’ video is right on the money

This ‘If over-30s were on Love Island’ video is right on the money

A video imagining what people over the age of 30 would be like if they were contestants on Love Island is utterly perfect.

Posting on Twitter, comedian Emma Doran shared a clip of her acting as if she was in the iconic villa, making comments she would make if she was there, and people loved it.

Lines she whipped out included: “You can buy the cheap wine but you will pay for it tomorrow”.

And: “A mortgage on a place like this is huge”.

She also said: “If you were born in 2001, does that not make you 10?” and “I can’t wear heels like that anymore.”

Reacting to her insights, people on Twitter said she was spot on and piled on the praise:

Others thought Love Island should go one step further and have a series starring pensioners and other age groups:

For the uninitiated, Love Island features people in their early to mid twenties attempting to find love while garnering enough public affection to secure brand deals with Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, among others. It is likely some were actually born in 2001 (making them 20, not 10) and the oldest islander currently sunbathing in the villa is Rachel, who is 29. Geriatric.

The series continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. We are counting down the hours.

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