Roll up, roll up, it’s day two in the villa!

In this episode, the couples got to know each other and the new arrival, Chloe, played a weird game called ‘horny devils’ - a device enabling the producers to force the islanders to reveal their secrets and kiss each other - and waited in fear for Chloe to pick the man she wanted to couple up with - and we’ll obviously find out tomorrow night, because, cliff hanger!

But what did you, the eager commentariate tweeting away, make of it? What were the talking points? The stand out moments? How can we, as a publication, really get to the heart of Love Island 2021 episode two?

With the best memes and reactions, that’s how. Let’s go:

Many people struggled to understand Chloe’s voice, which came across slightly slurred and definitely posh:

Others were not thrilled with the pace of the show, and still thought the contestants were a bit dull (come on people, it’s only day two!):

People were shocked at the islander’s sexual secrets:

And people, again, were amused about how much disdain Shannon had for Aaron, her partner in the show:

Safe to say, nobody likes a cliffhanger:

And that, as they say, is a wrap. Love Island is obviously on tomorrow again at 9pm, and then the next day, and the next day, and the next day. We are so happy.

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