Naked Attraction contestant witnessed 'surreal moment' that couldn't be shown on TV

Naked Attraction contestant witnessed 'surreal moment' that couldn't be shown on TV
Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson taken aback by 'biggest penis ever'
Naked Attraction, Channel 4

Naked Attraction is one of the most controversial and uncensored shows on television but sometimes some things are so shocking that happen during recording that Channel 4 can't air them.

One particular story has emerged courtesy of glamour model Chrissie Wunna who appeared on season 11 of the show back in May 2023.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Wunna, who has appeared on numerous other reality TV shows called the experience on Naked Attraction "the best show" she has ever filmed but one moment didn't make the final cut of the episode.

Wunna explained: “There was like a thing where I was saying how it’s all about the motion in the ocean. And there was one surreal moment which they didn’t show on telly.

“The men in all my pods, all they had shown so far were their w***es, and they were knees bent helicoptering their w***es.” She added: “It was like the best thing I had ever seen in my life.”

We'll leave it to your imagination what 'helicoptering' means.

To make matters even more interesting Wunna had specifically requested men with large packages which made the moment even more bizarre.

She adds: "And because I only asked for thick w***es, I just had all these jumbo w***es. It was like the porn episode of Dumbo. It was so hot."

Despite all this, Wunna didn't find the perfect man for her on the episode but has apparently been inundated with interest from men in the United States, due to the show airing across the Atlantic.

Wunna says that she has had a lot of "American sportsmen" in her DMs but: "I don’t know anything about them though so I’m having to Google everyone. But there’s loads of American sportsmen and loads of TV people from England."

This is hardly the first time that the show has had to remove footage or incident from the final cut. Speaking back in 2021, host Anna Richardson claimed that one contestant had to be escorted off the set after they became "too excited."

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