Piers Morgan tells Nigel Farage 'karma's a b**ch' after new show beats GB News in ratings

Piers Morgan tells Nigel Farage 'karma's a b**ch' after new show beats GB News in ratings
Piers Morgan calls Nigel Farage a 'treacherous little weasel'

Following the debut of his new show, Piers Morgan felt compelled to inform Nigel Farage's that his show received higher ratings despite Farage's attempt to sabotage him.

The two men have been in an online battle since Farage confirmed he gave Morgan's first guest, Donald Trump, a dossier of negative statements Morgan had made about the former US president.

Additionally, Farage, 58, took to social media to tell people that Morgan, 57, had edited teasers of his interview with Trump to seem more dramatic than they were.

Notably, the first teaser for Morgan's interview with Trump featured the former US president storming off set seemingly out of anger.

But none of that mattered Monday night after Piers Morgan Uncensored debuted with more ratings than Farage's show, GB News.

"Karma’s a b*tch, Nige," Morgan said in a tweet on Tuesday.

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Morgan accused Farage of trying to sabotage his show, calling him a "two-faced weasel" something he echoed on his show.

The 57-year-old told The Telegraph that he was nervous Trump would pull out of the interview because he was so angry about comments Morgan had made.

"He was very angry," Morgan told The Telegraph. "I'd never seen him like that. But then he pulled himself together and did the interview."

In retaliation for sharing the dossier with Trump, Morgan sent Donald Trump Jr. footage of Farage speaking negatively about Trump prior to his nomination for president.

Despite Farage's efforts, it seems he was unsuccessful in trying to prevent Trump from completing the interview.

Piers Morgan Uncensored debuted on TalkTV, a new broadcasting channel started by Rupert Murdoch. At its peak around 400,000 viewers tuned into the show in the UK, according to Deadline.

That is ten times the views GB News receives

"Last night my show [Piers Morgan Uncensored] got five times the ratings of his show. FIVE TIMES!!!" Morgan also said in the tweet.

If TalkTv and Piers Morgan Uncensored will continuously dominate GB News is up for debate. But one thing is for sure, Morgan's debut resonated with audiences.

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