Shocking video shows how 'plus sized models' were treated in 2003

Shocking video shows how 'plus sized models' were treated in 2003
Resurfaced clip of ANTM shows Tyra Banks being 'insensitive' towards contestant
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In the early 2000s, America's Next Top Model embodied all fashion trends at the time such as low rise jeans, tube tops and painfully thin eyebrows and but also included problematic and unattainable standards for women to be size zero.

One resurfaced clip posted to Reddit from the first cycle of the show in 2003 perfectly demonstrates this, and as a result, the show has been slammed nearly two decades later for its attitude towards one contestant.

Aspiring supermodel Robin Manning was described by judges as having a "plus-size body" when in reality she was actually a lean UK size 10 - but this didn't stop the cruel comments about her figure from both the contestants and the judges.

"It must be hard being among girls who are so skinny," a fellow constant said at the beginning of the clip, while footage played of Manning posing at a photo shoot.

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"I felt a little bit bad for Robin because she is bigger down the hips and thighs than the rest of us," another constant added.

Robin's body was considered "plus size" by the judges back in 2003...UPN

The judges can then be seen reviewing Robin's photos from the shoot when the judge and supermodel Janice Dickinson then asked: "Are we shooting for the large size category?"

Head judge Tyra Banks then replied: "Yes, Robin would represent a plus-size model. One problem that I do have is that on the top she's not plus-sized, and on the bottom she is.”

Soon enough, the judges made the decision clear as Beau Quillian declared: "Robin's out."

"Robin's out, as far as I'm concerned about being a supermodel," Dickson said harshly and when others on the panel asked why she thought this, she replied: "The next America's Next Top Model is not a plus-sized model, I'm sorry!”

The judge made some insensitive comments about Robin's bodyUPN

Since the clip was reshared on Reddit, people criticised the show and the culture that existed at the time which reinforced these unattainable beauty standards.

One person said: "If that’s a plus size model… honestly f*** the whole industry."

"I kept looking for the plus size model. Then I realized it was her," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "That show existed purely to make women of all sizes feel bad about their bodies."

"How TF is she not a “regular model?” She’s got amazing proportions, and there doesn’t seem like a single oversized thing on her. This is shameful and disgusting," a fourth person commented.

Watch the clip below.

The First "Plus Size" Model on America's Next Top

It's not the first time old clips from ANTM have been criticised, with people calling Tyra Banks "sadistic" for how she revealed which model was eliminated from the competition.

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