Tyra Banks called ‘sadistic’ after viral Top Model clip reminds people of Squid Games

Tyra Banks called ‘sadistic’ after viral Top Model clip reminds people of Squid Games

Every few months an old clip of America’s Next Top Model seems to resurface and go viral that makes everyone question: How was on earth was Tyra Banks allowed to get away with this?!

The reality TV series, which ran for 24 seasons from 2003 until 2018, has no shortage of jaw-droppingly shocking moments between Banks and the many hopeful contestants.

The questionable parts seemed to have passed us by at the time, but looking back is a completely different story.

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Banks who served as the creator, presenter, and resident judge of the show has often been criticized for being cruel toward the girls on the show. Many people online have also noted that she at times went too far in her approach to the modeling industry.

The newly resurfaced clip, which has one person comparing the show to “a psychological thriller” shows Banks about to reveal the final card that announces the contestant that gets to move on to the next round and the one that must go home.

Addressing contestant Joslyn Pennywell, Banks said: “You have such a beautiful strength, and for someone to get up and be so sick, and still to perform? That’s a survivor.”

Pennywell had notably been violently sick while at the CoverGirl commercial task.

As she turned the card to reveal the photo, Tyra plainly said: “And Joslyn, you’ll be able to survive this,” revealing that she had been eliminated.

Pennywell then broke down in tears, believing that she had been saved.

One person called the show “a psychological thriller.”

“Tyra... when you reach the pearly gates and God is giving you the ultimate side eye as he's about to pull the lever to drop you below. Remember Top Model,” wrote another.

Banks’ approach to the show even landed a comparison to Netflix’s hit show Squid Games.

“I can’t believe I watched this and didn’t pick up on how crazy she was but I tuned I every week,” another person said.

“No because tyra was hosting squid game before it was a thing,” another person agreed.

“This is sadistic. Tyra must be brought up on charges,” read one tweet.

One person said, “How Tyra is not in prison for her war crimes yet is beyond me.”

“Tyra is going to the HOTTEST part of hell oh my god,” wrote one enraged Twitter user.

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