People think SNL has become a really lame version of TikTok

People think SNL has become a really lame version of TikTok
SNL's TikTok sketch is a perfect representation of the 'for you' page

When Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live in 2021, people deemed it the cringiest episode ever because they felt the writers tried too hard to appeal to younger people.

The episode featured a notoriously bad Gen Z hospital sketch filled with strange variations of trending words out of context. It was a clear attempt at the show to garner younger viewers but it missed the mark.

Since then, the show has done its best to refine its humor to more subtly mimic Gen Z's unique internet humor.

But the more effort the show puts in to seem cool and funny to younger people, the less Gen Z seems to enjoy it.

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And they have TikTok to thank for that.

For many young people, it doesn't make a lot of sense to turn on the television at 11 pm on a Saturday (assuming you have cable) to watch funny sketches when you have access to them freely at your fingertips.

TikTok has revolutionized sketch comedy.

It forces comics to fight for viewers' attention with short videos that perfectly encapsulate Gen Z humor. But mimicking the style of funny, random videos on the app isn't easy on a live television show.

The show has taken inspiration directly from the popular video-sharing app.

People have noticed musical guests and hosts are younger and popular on TikTok- like Jack Harlow, Lizzo, Miles Teller, Willow, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Random jokes from the app are sometimes thrown into sketches, the monologue, or Weekend Update. Last season, Chloe Fineman dressed up as Elmo to talk about her "beef" with Rocco on Weekend Update after the sound went viral on the app.

"Elmo vs. Rocco was funny until SNL ruined it," a Twitter user wrote, gaining 20k likes.

"Lol people for real stopped talking about Elmo and Rocco the second SNL did a parody of it. SNL has become a comedy killer," another person tweeted.

From trying to poke fun at the recent Try Guys drama and failing to jumping in on the BeReal memes weeks after it went viral - the show is trying hard to remain relevant with young people. But 15 - 60 second TikTok humor doesn't seem to translate well in 3-7 minute sketches.

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